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To my Yuletide Santa

Whichever choice you go with will be lovely, I am sure.  I am pretty open.  Just have fun with it and I am sure I will love it.  Happy Yuletide!

Yuletide Work

I drew a lovely person who goes by londonspook , who asked for Daisy backstory and/or an extended relationship with Ray "Oops, I'm a Graveling" Summers.  So I did both.

The story, Daddy's Little Girl, can be read through this link at the Yuletide archive.  Enjoy!


Wow. Just wow. I am not sure how I ended up with not one, but three stories (two in the normal course, one through the Madness), but they were each of them delightful! Thank you all so much! And I am so thrilled the recipient of my story enjoyed it so thoroughly, as did a number of other people. It was a joy that practically wrote itself, and I am very thrilled with how it came out.

I am already looking forward to next year!
A bit more detail, I suppose, might be helpful, since this journal is primarily for posting of fiction and no for showing my personality.

My requests were:

Dead Like Me- George Lass/Rube Sofer. Rube and George fair game. Friendship, fall out, unmitigated smut, I don't particularly care which. I just love there two. But then again, I love snark-tastic exchanges between people, and these two are so good at it.

10th Kingdom- Virginia and Wolf. I love the fairy tale of it, the cynical girl finally cracking open to the possibility of the fairytale romance and the fact that it isn't the prince she finds it with, but with the big bad Wolf. I would particularly be interested in reading their life after the story.

Castle- Rick Castle and Det. Kate Beckett- Love the snark, love the friendship, love the sexual tension. Love them. Any and all them.

I hope this helps. I am looking forward to reading your work!

DLM FF: Dead Calm Part 4

See Disclaimers in Part One

Dead Calm ContinuedCollapse )</div>Dead Calm ContinuedCollapse )</div>

DLM FF: Dead Calm Part One

Title: Dead Calm
Author: ReaperWriter
Rating: Strong PG-15 (for violent character death)
Relationships: Hints of Rube/George interest

Disclaimer: Not my sandbox, just borrowing it.  Angie is mine, please don't use her without permission.

When Seattle sees a spike in the death rate during a heat wave, Upper Management sends Rube’s team some temporary support, and George learns that there are worse ways to die then being hit by a toilet seat.  Entirely George's POV.



Dead CalmCollapse )